Joseph – Painted Bultos Video

This half of the video is titled – Joseph López – Painted Bultos.  In an interview with Carla Aragón, Joseph tells us how, using the wood media is his way of  telling a stories through sculpture and being able to represent the lives of the saints.  He thinks of what the life of the saint means, how important that saint is, how important the saint’s story is and what an honor it is to represent that saint.


Archbishop’s Award

During the 2012 New Mexico Spanish Market Joseph Ascensión López received the Archbishop’s Award, presented by the Archbishop of Santa Fe, Michael Sheehan, for the relief image of San Juan Nepomuceno, the patron saint of the Penitente Brotherhood.

San Juan Nepomuceno is the national saint of the Czech Republic who was drowned because he refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional.

Joseph was not only awarded the Archbishops award for this image but also received the 2012 Spanish Market Painted Wood Relief Award sponsored by Jim and Cindy Williams, and Linda & John Muzio. Additionally Joseph received the Spanish Market Poster Award. This is the Spanish Colonial Arts Society Director’s Award for the piece selected to be used on the 2013 Spanish Market Poster.

His father, Felix Lopez, received the Spanish Market Poster Award for the year 1990.

The photos below show Joseph receiving his award from Archbishop Sheehan.

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Santo Entierro – Santuario de Chimayó

The Santo Entierro bulto or sculpture was made by Felix with the help of his son, Joseph, and daughter, Krissa.   It was installed at the Santuario de Chimayó, one of the most revered churches in New Mexico.   In the following slideshow we have included a few pictures the Santo Entierro being created and later of being installed at the church in September of 2011.

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Below is a video made by the University of Arizona