Santo Maker

Felix Lopez: Santos Maker – New Mexico, USA
The Fowler Museum produced this video of Felix in 2011. There is a link to the video in Felix’s bio page, but it is easy to miss. It is being added to the blog to highlight this wonderful video.

“Felix Lopez is an outstanding santero (santos carver) who lives and works in Espanola near Santa Fe, New Mexico. In this video, Lopez talks about how he became a carver, his artistic and aesthetic considerations while creating a santos figure, and what it means to him to be a creator of devotional objects.”  Fowler Museum introduction to video.

Joseph – Painted Bultos Video

This half of the video is titled – Joseph López – Painted Bultos.  In an interview with Carla Aragón, Joseph tells us how, using the wood media is his way of  telling a stories through sculpture and being able to represent the lives of the saints.  He thinks of what the life of the saint means, how important that saint is, how important the saint’s story is and what an honor it is to represent that saint.