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El Angel de la Sabiduria by Krissa

Here Krissa is showing a painting like those she takes to Spanish Market every year. She paints on a variety of carved panels which she coats with homemade gesso and over which she paints her images with natural pigments.

Relief by Joseph

Since age seven, Joseph has dedicated his life to the creation of Spanish colonial art, under the tutelage of his father, master santero, Felix Lopez. Like his father he has become a well known artist. Joseph has traveled widely and researched art techniques in South and Central America,the Middle East, Europe and Polynesia.

San José y el Niño Jesús - Felix

Felix is in the process of conserving an historic bulto of San José y el Niño Jesús from a local church. This work shows his passion for keeping the northern New México traditional religious art form alive and his devotion to the art of saint making. Felix has been carving for over three decades and also doing some conservation work.